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U.S. Advertisers Spent An Average of $338 Million Per Month on TikTok

May 24 2022 by Yuwen Huang

Since TikTok introduced TikTok for Business, advertisers have been investing massively in the platform that has quickly become a household favorite among Gen Z users. Pathmatics now tracks and breaks out TikTok insights, which reveals that U.S. advertisers spent an average of $338 million per month on the platform—and more than $400 million in April alone. In our latest report, The State of TikTok Advertising in the U.S.,  we analyze how the top U.S.-based advertisers are spending and crafting their messaging on TikTok. 

HelloFresh Goes All In on TikTok to Attract First-Time Buyers

Pathmatics reveals that HelloFresh was the top advertiser in the Delivered Meal Kits & Specialty Foods category, with more than $10 million spent on creatives between January and April 2022. Since February 2022, the meal-kit company has allocated roughly 80 percent of its social channel advertising budget toward TikTok and 16 percent toward Facebook.

In January 2022, HelloFresh competitors such as EveryPlate, Daily Harvest, Imperfect Foods, and Cirkul were spending nearly 40 percent of their budgets on TikTok. Since then, these rivals have deviated from TikTok, investing close to 41 percent on Facebook in March and April 2022 and shrinking their TikTok spending to 26 percent.




Fashion Advertisers Embrace Branded Hashtags in Creative Messaging

E-commerce brands dominated the Style, Fashion, and Beauty category by ad spend on TikTok between January and April 2022. Shein was the largest Style, Fashion, & Beauty advertiser on the social media platform, with nearly $8 million spent on ads in that time period. 

TikTok users enjoy sharing haul videos, in which users show off their recently purchased items. Since branded hashtags are one way to reach audiences, Shein embraced haul videos as a part of their sponsored content strategy.  Frequently used hashtags in its creative messaging included #SHEINhaul and #SHEINforall. Shein didn’t stray away from promoting newly launched products in their TikTok ads, in fact, “new items” and “launch” were some of the most frequently used keywords in its creative messaging.


Download the Full Report to Discover the Latest TikTok Advertising Trends

Get the full State of TikTok Advertising in the U.S. report for more in-depth analysis on the latest trends, including:

  • An overview of the top advertisers/brands and trends across Dating, Delivered Meal-Kits, and Style, Fashion & Beauty.
  • Demographic analysis for TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • A breakdown of ad spend by social channels.
  • Recent TikTok creative strategies from target advertisers.
  • Plus much more.

Download the Free Report

About Author
Yuwen Huang

After earning her BS in Statistics, Yuwen had 3 years of experience in marketing & purchasing strategy analysis. She then made the transition to the digital advertising industry in 2021 and has been focusing on digital ad analysis, competitors’ comparison analysis.

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