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The Battle for Cyber Monday Market Share

December 09 2014 by Sam Gansline

As another Cyber Monday has come and gone, the battle for conversions continues to grow each year. Last Monday, 12/1/14, total online purchases surpassed $2 billion for the first time in history (comScore). As we analyze the top advertisers from this monumental day in e-commerce, it’s no surprise that 3 of the top 10 digital advertisers fell into the retail category (see the top 5 in detail here or download the top 50 here). This year's e-commerce retailer offer included standard online purchases, option for in-store pick up, and even same day delivery when applicable, all vies to improve market share.

With enormous spend budgets, brands are all competing to reach the right consumer, in the right place, at the right time. But with all the noise seen online this past Monday, of these top retail advertisers who won the battle for the hungry Cyber Monday audience? 

When we examine the top 6500 sites on the web, the daily impression share for each looks like this:

#1 - Best Buy Co., Inc.


#4 - Geoffrey LLC. (Toys’R’US, Babies’R’Us, KB Toys,..)


#6 - Target


#18 - Walmart Stores Inc.



*Daily Impression Share = Total advertiser impression over all crawled advertiser impressions
**Top 4000 sites crawled as designated by Quantcast

A short review of these graphs gives us great perspective on the advertising strategy for each of the aforementioned retailers. Massive impression reach on Monday alone (Best Buy Co., Inc), a Sunday spike to remind Monday’s shoppers where to buy (Geoffrey/Target), or consistent share (Walmart). Who’s strategy was most successful is yet to be determined. 

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About Author
Sam Gansline

A lover of fresh air, live music, sport & high performing teams. After the University of Colorado @ Boulder, Sam began his career improving the relationship between major digital advertisers & independent publishers. Currently Sam leads the Operations and Sales Development teams @ Pathmatics with a focus on pipeline growth, process optimization & market strategy.

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