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Top 10 Advertisers on OTT for March in the U.S.

April 08 2022 by Pam Gutierrez

Pathmatics data reveals that March’s top 10 advertisers spent more than $136 million on Hulu, Pluto TV, Tubi, Peacock, Paramount+, and other OTT streaming services, with creatives garnering more than five billion impressions. The month’s top three categories were Financial Services, Health & Wellness, and Auto, which ranked in the top three for the first time overall. Let’s see how the top 10 advertisers were spending on OTT in the last month.

Geico and P&G Remain at the Top

As in our previous two analyses in January and February, Geico and Procter & Gamble (P&G) remain at the top of the advertiser list, with close to $24.7 million and $19.3 million in spend for March, respectively. Geico increased its spend by 32 percent, and allocated just over 36 percent of its budget on the Geico Bundles brand. Of P&G’s 500 unique creatives, its top promoted brands were Febreze, Downy, and Tide.

PM_OTT_Chart_March 2022

Auto and Travel & Tourism Advertisers Increase Ad Spending 

In March 2022, Toyota ranked number seven by ad spend, and was ranked 25 in the previous month. Toyota centered its messaging with the “Imagine Yourself” ad spot where a passerby would stop and stare at the Camrys and Tundras in awe. The brand also focused on promoting its 2-year maintenance plan that customers receive when purchasing a new car. Toyota’s ad placements appeared on five platforms such as Hulu (37 percent), Pluto TV (15 percent), Tubi (3 percent), Peacock (1 percent), and Paramount+ (1 percent). The other 43 percent fell under other OTT streaming services.

Airbnb climbed up the charts in March, ranking number 10 by ad spend, and was ranked 44 in the previous month. More than half of Airbnb’s spend share went to Hulu, followed by other OTT streaming services (18 percent), Pluto TV (11 percent), Tubi (4 percent), and Peacock (2 percent). Airbnb expended an estimated $8.6 million on its 29 unique creatives centered on its heartfelt campaign “Made possible by Hosts”, which launched in March 2021. With the Travel & Tourism industry booming again, brands are trying to lure travelers in earnest now.

As we head into prime vacation seasons such as spring and summer, we’ll keep an eye out for more trends in Travel & Tourism advertising spend. You can also view our latest Travel & Tourism Advertising report for insights on top categories from 2019 to 2021, as well as key trends for Accommodations & Lodging, Theme Parks, and Transportation advertisers.

See how March’s top advertisers compared to last month in our previous post, The Top 10 Advertisers on OTT for February in the U.S. If you’re interested in more insights, request a demo today.

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