About Pathmatics

Pathmatics was founded with a clear mission: turn the world’s marketing data into actionable insights. Driven by a passion for data and leading the digital marketing landscape forward, our product, Pathmatics Explorer, reflects the company’s vision to be the source of truth for digital marketing intelligence by creating trust and transparency. Headquartered in Santa Monica, California, we enjoy surfing the waves, doggie play dates, and hosting trivia nights.  Yes, we really do make magic here. And yes, our CEO and Co-founder Gabe is related to Harry Houdini.

We’ve developed what we call the Pathmatics Code to guide what we do.


Do the Right Thing

Even if it may be more difficult, more costly, or may go unnoticed – do the right thing.


Deliver Magic

Know current and future customers better than they know themselves. Delight them with product and service that improves their business and their day-to-day.


Be an Awesome Teammate

Do your part in keeping Pathmatics a safe, fair, respectful, and fun workplace. Don’t be the one who ruins it for everyone else. No jerks allowed.


Be Data-Driven

Rely on instinct, but back it up with facts. We drive our clients to make data-driven decisions – let’s take our own medicine!


Finish What You Start

Taking a task 90% of the way is closer to 0% than 100%. Whether you start something individually or as part of a team – get sh*t done.


Be Transparent

Do it by bringing visibility to an industry lacking transparency. And do it by bringing transparency to the workplace – be open, authentic, and straightforward. No B.S.


Speak Freely

Share knowledge, embrace dissent, and respectfully challenge ideas even when it’s uncomfortable. Speak up, but once a decision is made support it fully.


Do More

Be open to wearing multiple hats and stepping in to support the common goal. “That’s not my job” isn’t part of the Pathmatics vocabulary. Go above and beyond.