Pathmatics was founded with a clear mission: turn the world’s marketing data into actionable insights. Driven by a passion for data and leading the digital marketing landscape forward, our product, Pathmatics Explorer, reflects the company’s vision to be the source of truth for digital marketing intelligence by creating trust and transparency. Headquartered in Santa Monica, California, we enjoy surfing the waves, doggie play dates, and hosting trivia nights.  Yes, we really do make magic here. And yes, our CEO and Co-founder Gabe is related to Henry Houdini.

We’ve developed what we call the Pathmatics Code to guide what we do.

Our Team

Employee Spotlight


Meet Diego Fulgueira, Senior Software Engineer

Pathmatician since: 2014

Get to know Diego: Diego was born and raised in Mexico and learned to program computers when he was nine years old. He received his MSc in computer science from Columbia University, and has worked at several internet startups and projects for American Express, NBC, and other companies.

Fun Fact: Diego went to medical school in Mexico before pivoting back into computer science.

Outside the office: Enjoys playing dog-dad to his dog Tili and reading The Economist.

Loves working here because: “Work is fun when you get to team up with smart people to solve hard problems. And I get to bring Tili to work every day.”


Meet Veronica McQuiston, Product Manager

Pathmatician since: 2018

Get to know Veronica: Veronica is a seasoned product manager, lending her talents to companies like Gravity, AOL, and Yahoo before joining the Pathmatics team. At Pathmatics, Veronica works alongside both our technical and creative teams to make product improvements that delight our customers and solve their problems.

Fun Fact: Veronica has a twin sister.

Outside the office: Enjoys camping, going to concerts, volunteering, watching baseball, and traveling to new places.

Loves working here because: “I get to work on bringing transparency to the digital advertising marketplace and spend my days with smart, creative, and thoughtful people… oh and cute puppies too!”


Meet Jaclyn Selby, Director of Sales

Pathmatician since: 2018

Get to know Jaclyn: Jaclyn has over 10 years of experience in sales and sales management. As part of the Pathmatics East (aka, New York) team, Jaclyn thrives on helping clients meet their unique business objectives and loves that her role in sales allows her to strike the perfect balance between business and creativity.

Fun Fact: Jaclyn has a twin brother.

Outside the office:  Jaclyn enjoys golfing with her husband, and spending time with friends and family.

Loves working here because: “In this very dynamic industry, our product has consistently evolved with first-to-market yet proven offerings.  Pathmatics has done an excellent job of remaining nimble, and prides itself on ethical business practices and a commitment to quality.  I admire the direction put forth by management and the entire team’s commitment to being leaders in our space.”




A self-proclaimed “data hound,” Gabe Gottlieb earned his stripes leading software teams at Microsoft. Gabe saw a pervasive problem with the lack of openness in the digital advertising world and decided to join forces with Tom Lorimor to level the playing field. Now, five patents later, the Co-Founder and CEO of Pathmatics is leading the movement for transparency in advertising. Gabe holds dual degrees – in Engineering and Finance – from the University of Pennsylvania and the Wharton School of Business.



Tom Lorimor is a seasoned technology executive and entrepreneur with multiple patents to his credit. Tom honed his development skills during a seven year tenure at Microsoft. While working on major product releases for the tech giant, Tom met Gabe Gottlieb; the two colleagues later joined forces to build Pathmatics. Tom now leads the technical side of Pathmatics’ business as the company’s CTO. Tom holds BS and MS degrees in Computer Engineering from Case Western Reserve University.



Rajan oversees global partnerships and strategic business development initiatives at Pathmatics. Rajan was Director and Co-Founder at Conductor, a SaaS content marketing platform, which was acquired by WeWork in 2018. Before Conductor, Rajan oversaw product development at NBC Universal and spearheaded the launch of Hulu distribution services. Rajan graduated with a B.S. in Informatics from Indiana University, Bloomington.



Sarah Chambers is a global client service leader with 20 years experience in the attribution, marketing analytics and agency markets. Sarah has worked with visionary startups such as Convertro, ClearSaleing, and Passenger. Sarah holds a BS from Penn State University.



Pushkar Choudhuri brings expertise in mergers and acquisitions, fund raising and accounting to Pathmatics. Pushkar joined Pathmatics from ForwardLine, a non-bank small business lender, where he was the CFO and helped the company with raising growth equity. Prior to that he spent over 10 years with Barclays and and Lehman Brothers, most recently as Managing Director for their financial services practice in Los Angeles. Pushkar has an MBA from the University of California Los Angeles, PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Rutgers University and Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Kharagpur.



Gordon Cowie is a full-stack engineer and architect leader with a successful track record of designing, developing and delivering high performance applications for companies like Experian and Alterian. Gordon leads the development team at Pathmatics. Gordon holds a BCIS from Coleman University.



Origins unknown, King’s first record appears at the Boulder County Pound in Colorado. His deceptive athleticism was first noticed scaling 14ers (Colorado’s famous 14,000’ peaks) or while jumping backyard fences. This same athleticism led to his arrest as he and close friend, Donte, were booked and found hand (or paw) cuffed to a local Boulder supermarket bike rack by the Boulder PD. After a brief stint in Denver, King had his focus on a new life in the City of Angels. Now roaming the halls at Pathmatics, he is often mistaken for a shark due to his signature gait. A certified beggar, with hypnotic brown eyes, you’ll find King adding (hair) to meetings, curled up under the kitchen table, scratching that never ending itch, and always accepting love.



Francisco Lozano is a digital advertising sales leader with over 20 years experience servicing leading advertising holding companies, media agencies and Fortune 500 brands. Francisco’s career includes sales and leadership roles at AOL/Convertro, Turn, Adometry and Rakuten. Francisco holds a BS from the University of Notre Dame.



William Merchan is a data science, marketing analytics, advertising technology and startup veteran having built products and grown teams at, MarketShare and Yahoo!. Most recently, under William’s leadership, successfully launched and scaled an enterprise data science platform resulting in the sale to Oracle in May of 2018. At MarketShare he served as SVP of Strategic Alliances and GM of Dynamic Pricing, where he oversaw global business development and partner relationships, and successfully led the company to a $450 million acquisition by Neustar. William holds a BS in Business from the University of California Berkeley and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern.



Greg Rosen has spent his career building data tools for marketers. After starting his career at JPMorgan Chase, he led the product teams for CitizenNet, the social media buying and analysis platform acquired by Condé Nast in 2017. Greg holds a BA in Economics and Hispanic Studies from the University of Pennsylvania.