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Pathmatics Connect

The digital advertising intelligence data feed that helps power your systems, tools, and models.

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Connect powers...

Kantar's Facebook intelligence offering

Comperemedia's competitive intelligence platform

Neustar's marketing mix modeling solutions

Integrate our data intelligence tools with any system


Multi-touch attribution models

Incorporate granular digital advertising data into attribution models to measure share of voice impacts.


BI Tools

Bring together Pathmatics data with other sources of data across the organization to align marketing, operations and strategic planning.


CRM Tools

Empower your sales and marketing teams with unique insights on brands, publishers and trends in digital advertising as they more confidently close more business.

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Set up is easy. Describe your objectives and we’ll get you the data you need



Our data provides the most complete and relevant picture of the digital ad ecosystem



99.99% up time and 99% of reports delivered on time


Always Improving

We are constantly optimizing our data sets and channel coverage



Data sets are defined by you based on your needs


"Pathmatics provides the deepest and most accurate digital marketing data in the industry. By leveraging Pathmatics’ data, Neustar’s marketing mix modeling continues to be unparalleled in its ability to help brands and agencies confidently evaluate ad spend and create the best marketing campaigns to get results.”

Michael Schoen
General Manager
Marketing Solutions, Neustar


"Pathmatics’ relentless pursuit to bring transparency to the digital advertising world has given our analysts the confidence and ability to provide Mintel clients with the most comprehensive, cross-channel insights. We are proud to call Pathmatics our partner and look forward to further collaboration over the next several years”

Shafiq Raja,
Vice President
Mintel Comperemedia


“Advertisers currently don’t have a means for accessing social media spend data in conjunction with a full multimedia offering. Our partnership with Pathmatics will provide the most complete and comprehensive view of digital advertising available anywhere.”

Manish Bhatia
CEO, North America
Kantar Media

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Data feeds are tailored based on the data you need.

Some data points available

Ad Path

Hops in the journey an ad takes from advertiser to consumer

(espn.go.com > DFP > Rubicon > AppNexus > DFA > Nike)


Top-level advertising company

(Procter & Gamble)


Any brand or child company that exists beneath an advertiser



Advertiser industry / vertical

(Consumer Packaged Goods)

Creative Dimensions

Size of ad unit (width, height)

(320px X 50px)

Creative Text

Text captured from an ad

(“Shop from the safety and comfort of your home!“)

Creative Type

Type of ad unit or social post

(HTML5, page skin, carousel, story, etc.)



Date an ad was observed. Spend and impressions estimates may be grouped by: day, week, month, quarter, etc.

(03/01/19, March 2019, Q1 2019, etc.) 

Device / Format

Format of the ad and device on which it was seen

(desktop display, mobile video, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)


Number of estimated impressions for a particular ad or set of ads


Landing Page

URL of landing page for an ad


Link to Creatives

URL to creative asset of the ad (S3 Link)


Purchase Channel

Ad-tech provider from whom an advertiser purchased impressions

(The Trade Desk)


Country from which an ad was observed

(US, UK, Canada, France, etc.)

Sales Channel

Ad-tech provider through which a publisher sold impressions



Domain or URL from which an ad was observed



Estimated dollars (or local currency) spent on a particular ad or set of ads