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Pathmatics Custom

The custom digital ad intelligence solution that helps power smarter customized advertising decisions.

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Custom powers decisions for more than $2B in digital media spend for some major brands like...

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Some Custom solutions that knocked our customer's socks off


Custom Reports

Choose the data you need, in the format (e.g. Excel, PowerPoint, Google Sheets, etc.) and at the frequency you need it

See Example

Custom Reports



Customer is in a high-stakes seasonal business and must respond quickly to competitive pressure



Competitors’ daily ad intelligence at the campaign, product and messaging level



Pathmatics developed a custom tagging solution to deliver on every creative dimension in real-time.


Data delivery: via PowerPoint to their inbox


Top Insights

  • Competitors’ offers, discounting and pricing strategy, product promotion and placement, creative messaging and campaign strategies
  • Competitive claims against our customer by name
  • Alignment of specific promotions with specific product types
  • Specific messaging tied to specific periods in the seasonal life-cycle
  • Cross-pollination of messaging alternatives with product alternatives

Top Actions

  • Redirect budgets and adapt new campaigns on the fly
  • Adapt messaging strategy quickly to counter competitor claims and better reach consumers
  • Optimize ad creatives and align high performance products with each other
  • Understand consumer confusion thresholds and ensure "family" ads support strategic goals
  • Analyze competitor’s target audience and capture share of voice with the same audience
  • Negotiate better creative placements with stronger data

Custom Data Feed

Receive your custom data set electronically (e.g. Amazon S3 bucket, FTP, etc.)

See Example

Custom Creative & Campaign Intelligence



Customer is one of the largest players in a complex industry with hundreds of products



Competitive advertising spend on a product-by-product basis detailed with category, subcategory and product categorized



Pathmatics custom categorized customer’s digital ad data across 60+ competitors down to the category, subcategory and product level - to align with the client’s legacy categories. 


Data delivery: via data feed (FTP) to customer’s proprietary BI tool


Top Insights

  • Spend and impressions by category
  • Spend and impressions by product
  • New product alerts and associated data
  • Competitive digital spend across all dimensions
  • 360 view of the industry’s advertising data

Top Actions

  • Total alignment of all advertising data through a single tagging system applied to offline and online advertising data
  • Monthly and quarterly reporting to stakeholders on the full industry advertising landscape
  • Campaign adjustments commensurate with industry standards and trends

Custom Dashboard

Bring your data to life with a fully customizable dashboard

See Example

Custom Dashboard: Retail Share of Voice Analysis



Because e-retailers do not report competitor ad analytics or share of voice, advertisers are in the dark. And because the publishers has the power, media negotiations are difficult for advertisers



Customer needed daily share of voice and ad intelligence on retailer sites to capture ad data specifically where customers shop



Pathmatics robust digital ad data brought customer visibility of competitor products featured on retailer sites - including: ad size, location, products and messaging.

Data delivery: entirely customized dashboard via Tableau accessed by all retailer buying teams


Top Insights

  • Real-time Share Of Voice
  • Product mix analytics
  • Ad size and location intelligence
  • Product-level impressions and spend
  • Custom executive dashboard

Top Actions

  • Retail teams can access on-the-fly to drive negotiations with retailers 
  • Customer’s overall strategy is adjusted quarterly to account for competitor behavior - saving millions
  • Retailer teams use data to justify individual budgets and strategies on a retailer by retailer basis
  • Exposure to retailer ads with exceptional clarity restores power to customer (the advertiser)

Getting started is painless...

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Scoping & Solution Design

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Pathmatics does the work to ensure your data is ready to go


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Users describe Custom as...



Set up is painless. Tell us your objectives and let us handle the rest.


No B.S.

Tell us your wildest data dreams and we'll craft a realistic plan and set honest expectations.



You'll have the insights you need when you need them


True Partnership

As your trusted partner we’ll do right by you



We've delivered some pie in the sky data solutions no one thought possible.


“We manage a very competitive cyclical business, so there’s no room for error. We engaged Pathmatics to provide us granular ad intelligence on a daily basis throughout our busiest season. Without hesitation, I’d give them an A+. They were proactive throughout the planning phases, nailed every deadline, and delivered us daily reports that were highly actionable and also highly accurate. The Custom team learned our business in a very short time and delivered exactly what we needed so we could focus on beating the competition throughout the season. Excellent job, Pathmatics! We’ve already renewed!”

Head of Marketing
Fortune 500 Services Firm


“In a time when digital advertising spend is the largest piece of the puzzle, so many vendors are lacking in providing an accurate depiction of the digital marketplace. Our partnership with Pathmatics has changed all of this. From the beginning, their accuracy and digital offerings combined with their spend methodology, provided data that no other vendor could. Together, we worked on a customized solution specific to our clients needs that went above and beyond their normal offerings. Ian and team were dedicated to working through all of our issues and providing us what no one else could. It is crucial for clients to be able to have accurate insights into the competition and the marketplace in order to make sound business decisions and Pathmatics has given us the means to do so.”

Associate Director
A Top 5 largest Bank


“Before Pathmatics we manually scraped the internet for competitive insights. They listened to our goals and instead of fitting our needs into an off-the-shelf dataset, they brought ideas we couldn’t find elsewhere. They built us a custom dashboard capturing our ad intelligence needs in one place. They managed the entire process, developing custom formulas that now feed our marketing mix model. Not only do I no longer spend time manually compiling data, but I can see which retailers deliver the best results across competing products, which has helped us laser focus on those retailers while optimizing others. With Pathmatics Custom, I can now confidently justify these decisions.”

Retail Marketing Analytics Manager
A top 5 largest US company


“Pathmatics makes our lives easier. What makes them unique, is their collaboration. They created tailored consultative reports and analyses to ensure we understand the data they’re delivering, which has increased its usefulness. As a result, we’ve been able to use the data to make better strategic decisions with our marketing investments and partners.”

Director, Strategy & Analytics
A Top 5 largest US company

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