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Pathmatics Explorer

The award winning marketing intelligence platform that helps marketers make smarter decisions.

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Our amazing users voted us:


“The Pathmatics Digital Ad Intel Platform is a great and user friendly tool that has helped our Sales Team to better understand the UK digital advertising market and to identify sales opportunities across key categories for Bloomberg Media.”

Phil Robinson
Head of Research and Insight EMEA
Bloomberg Media Group


"User interface is an unbelievable step up from other competitive platforms.”

Media Planner
Top Global Agency


“The whole site is pretty self-explanatory and easy to navigate yourself. For what I use it for, I think it is helpful and it does its job. I think it’s a pretty cool tool”

Digital Media Coordinator
Full-service Interactive Advertising Agency


"If we see something a competitor is doing really well, like homepage takeovers on ebay.com. It helps us to plot our course so we don't run a day after them.”

Digital Media Planner
leading insurance agency


"We use it to understand client strategies and live creatives and current partners. It has helped us as I say "be the smartest people in the room" because when you go into a room sharing information that you already equipped with information starting a conversation."

Heather C.
Senior Director, US Publisher Delivery


"I like the quick and straightforward infographics that are provided with each data pull - I often implement the spend/impressions over time charts directly into tactical decks for my client. I also track quite a few brands, so it's helpful to be able to 'follow' those advertisers and see impression spikes right away on my homepage."

William M.
Associate, Integrated Media Planning


"I think the dashboard is really great, perhaps one of the best I've seen among several competitive tools. The data seems robust as well and appears to capture a good amount of impressions and spend. Site delivery details are also impressive and provide a good window into understanding the top sites that my competitors are advertising on."

Jordan C.


"Great ideas for analysis and pushing strategy and creative teams to sync back to media. I have found that this product is great for understanding who and how.I have realized that this is easier for the other teams to understand messaging and allow them to find ways to sift through the muck."

Donovan F.
Media Planner


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Our intuitive user interface makes our data easy to access and understand



Marketing intelligence insights are delivered right to you within the UI



We update our data daily and it's accessible 24-7


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We regularly release new and improved features and functionality



Subscription options range from self-service data packages, to full access to all data, with tailored training

We don't mean to brag, but since our founding in 2012, we've captured...


Trillions of impressions


148M+ creatives


36K+ sites


156K+ advertisers

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