Use our marketing intelligence data to win new business, craft killer creative strategies, and plan competitive campaigns for your clients. Quickly understand creative, device, buying, and media placement strategies of your clients and their competitors.

Killer Creative Strategies
Winning RFPs
Competitive Campaigns

Craft Winning Creative Strategies

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Understand the creative strategies of your clients and their competition. In Pathmatics Explorer, gain insight into messaging, audience profiles, site targeting, spend, impressions, and flighting for every creative. Bring your creative recommendations to life with one-click exports and full page screenshots to see creatives as they would appear on sites.

“The tool helps us understand what other Advertisers are using in the digital space and how their creative differs from product to product. It has been helpful for all agencies because of this, for media digital spend is a great insight and from a creative perspective being able to see what taglines/CTAs can help inform what we do in our creative messaging.”

G2 Crowd Reviewer, Mason P.


“It’s super easy to download creative screenshots - we get this request a lot and find this tool super helpful.”

G2 Crowd Reviewer, Su G.

Win New Business

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Pitch clients confidently by knowing more about their campaigns than they do. Quickly understand your clients’ digital strategy with visibility into their current share of voice, device strategy, and historical impressions relative to competitors. Set benchmarks for improvement and be the partner who helps them optimize their campaigns and achieve that improvement. Confidently make recommendations for campaign optimization and back them up with facts via easy exports to excel and PPT.

Great for new business opportunities, allows you a view behind the scenes of what a brand is doing with buying, what environments they are serving on, what tech is in place. Allows us to be much more proactive with recommendations. We also leverage the platform to provide our client with competitive insight - we pull together the reports and add our interpretation of the risks and opportunities present in the market.

G2 Crowd Reviewer, Mario S.


“I work on the New Business as well as day to day client servicing, and I think it is a great tool for New Business. You can easily see the spend of a client that is more accurate than any other tool in the industry.”

G2 Crowd Reviewer, Rachel M.

Plan competitive ad campaigns for your clients

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Quickly understand the competitive environment in your client’s industry. In Pathmatics Explorer, quickly gain insights into creative strategies, digital media placements, buying strategies, device strategies, and advertising networks. Find ways to help your clients monopolize digital channels and outperform competitors with eye-catching creative and more effective calls-to-action.

Pathmatics is incredibly user friendly and has many great insights into other advertisers for potential conquesting planning… Where is the best channel or platform to monopolize the marketplace based on competitors

2Crowd Reviewer, Nora C.


Pathmatics has easily allowed us to quickly check the competitive landscape in order to understand what is new. You are easily able to filter by date in order to quickly see the most recent new units competitors have released and also understand what new sites competitors are spending money against. This easily helps us understand if competitors have new partnerships we need to be aware of.

G2 Crowd Reviewer, Sydney L.



  • Intuitive UI – save time pulling reports
  • Convenience – access the reports you need when you need them
  • No implementation – faster speed to value extraction
  • Easy onboarding – spend less time training your teams

Make better decisions

  • Extract information, not just data
  • Confidently take action with data you can trust
  • Make the right decisions for your client and back it up with facts


  • Be a step ahead of your competition
  • Protect your reputation with the best digital intelligence possible
  • Improve client satisfaction and retention

Customer Case Studies


Varick partnered with Pathmatics to drive new business growth and ROI for their business.

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