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Pathmatics helps answer questions for a wide range of users


Account Services




Creative / Content


Digital Marketing & Media


Media Spend Planning & Buying


Research, Insights, Intelligence


Sales Planning & Enablement


Social Media


Strategy / Competitive


Agencies rely on our digital ad data to make better decisions throughout the client journey

Win RFPs

Understand clients’ digital ad strategies with visibility into share of voice, media spend across devices, historical impressions, and more.

Pitch clients confidently by knowing more about their campaigns than they do.

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“Great for new business opportunities, allows you a view behind the scenes of what a brand is doing with buying, what environments they are serving on, what tech is in place. Allows us to be much more proactive with recommendations. We also leverage the platform to provide our client with competitive insight - we pull together the reports and add our interpretation of the risks and opportunities present in the market.”

Mario S.

Plan competitive media placement strategies

Gain insight into competitor digital ad strategies.

Help your clients monopolize digital channels and outperform competitors with eye-catching creative and more effective calls-to-action.

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“Through Pathmatics my team is able to track our competitors digital spend and placements. The ability to see top creatives and where they are placed is vital to our planning efforts. We also use Pathmatics to evaluate our own brands and be able to back into reported spend and actual spend to caveat to our clients. We use these learnings to recommend high investments in certain tactics to challenge our competitors. We have realized we sit in the middle of high and low spend for our category.”

Caroline G.

Craft killer creatives

Gain insight into client and competitor messaging, audience targeting, site targeting, spend, impressions, and flighting for every creative.

Bring your recommendations to life with one-click exports and see creatives as they would appear on sites.

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“The tool helps us understand what other Advertisers are using in the digital space and how their creative differs from product to product. It has been helpful for all agencies because of this, for media digital spend is a great insight and from a creative perspective being able to see what taglines/CTAs can help inform what we do in our creative messaging.”

Mason P.

Optimize campaigns

Monitor creatives, partnerships, spend, and share of voice.

Ensure creatives launched where and when expected, blacklist any sites or partners violating brand safety, reallocate budget, and adjust creatives to de-position competitors.

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“Pathmatics has easily allowed us to quickly check the competitive landscape in order to understand what is new. You are easily able to filter by date in order to quickly see the most recent new units competitors have released and also understand what new sites competitors are spending money against. This easily helps us understand if competitors have new partnerships we need to be aware of.”

Sydney L.

Retain clients

Deliver compelling client reports with one-click exports of any insights within Explorer.

Build compelling cases to retain and win more budget from clients.

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[Explorer’s insights] bring sophistication and confidence to the reporting that we can do, that otherwise would be absent. Certainly being able to have that visibility and to change client strategy for better results is certainly a big benefit and the clients gain a lot of confidence as well based on the fact that we have this competitive intelligence.”

Director of analytics
digital marketing agency

Check out our products


For those who prefer to access their data from our award winning UI... Explorer is our digital ad intelligence platform


For those who need their data integrated with other platforms...Connect is our digital ad intelligence data feed


For those who need their data organized a bit differently... Custom is our tailored digital ad intelligence solution