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Five reasons you’re gonna Pathmatics too

  • More Results

  • Better Product

  • Innovation First

  • Awesome People

More Results

Customers choose Pathmatics because
our data delivers results. Really.

Faster time to results for

Pathmatics Connect (data feed) Critical Mass’ incoming data to be customized, queried, and ultimately filtered into their Tableau dashboard, resulting in:


quicker time to value

Data is gathered in nearly half the time, leaving more time for analyzing results and collaborating with clients.

More reach and engagement for

With insight into their client’s competitors’ ad strategies, OMD helped their client shake up an industry with new digital tactics, resulting in:

and increased engagement by


new media partnerships


Increased operational efficiency for

With Explorer, Booyah user adoption significantly increased, enabling more team members to gain insights quickly and provide immediate value for their clients.


active users who took


actions in first four months

Better Product

Customers choose Pathmatics because
our marketing intelligence products are the best.

Hands down, best user interface

Over 250 of our amazing users voted us easiest marketing software to use and gave us 4.2 out of 5 starts on G2Crowd.


One of a kind methodology

We’re the first to report Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter ads and the only provider relying on both crawler and panel ad collection technologies.

Our highest recorded Net Promoter Score (NPS) our users gave us the last two years was:


with previous scores of 69 (three times)!

50 is considered “excellent” and 70 “world class”

More accurate digital data

According to our customers we track very well with trends. Our partner, Neustar, compared our estimates with a real customer’s actuals and we aligned well with campaign trends.

“I successfully was able to swap competitive data sources for Digital Media in favor of Pathmatics. We were able to show that Pathmatics was closely aligned with Actuals using multiple regression analysis which went very well with our client.”

analytics manager, full service global media agency

A more robust picture of digital

We report the most difficult to track ads, including: targeted and retargeted, mid- and post-roll, click-to-play video, ads behind paywall sites, and walled gardens, like: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and more.

trillions of impressions




Innovation First

Customers stay with Pathmatics because
we deliver the most relevant digital data faster.

Digital-first from the start

With dreams of being the source of truth for all things digital, we’re built to deliver the most relevant digital ad data faster than anyone else.

Digital ad spend increased by


since 2011 and is expected to grow another


accounting for


of total media spend by 2024

We’ve led the way... quickly

Born in the digital age, we’re not tied to legacy infrastructure. Built to move quickly, as market needs shift, we do too.

Which is why partners like: Comperemedia (Mintel), Kantar Media, Nielsen Australia and New Zealand, Numerator, and others rely on our digital and / or social ad intelligence.

Your feedback matters...really

According to our customers we track very well with trends. Our partner, Neustar, compared our estimates with a real customer’s actuals and we aligned well with campaign trends.

We’ve been collecting feedback from some of the best brands in the world…

We have big dreams

From expanding channel coverage to introducing never-before-seen digital insights, the future is bright for our customers.

“As Pathmatics continues to improve existing platforms and expand into new ones it seems likely that the variety and quality of data will only continue to improve.”

Rachael C.

Awesome People

Customers stay with Pathmatics because
our people are the best!

We help you get your money’s worth

Your Client Services manager will work with you to understand your objectives and ensure you get the most from your investment.

Pathmatics Explorer delivered an estimated

372% ROI

for a composite agency organization, according to an independent study conducted by Forrester

You’ll be up an running in no time!

We’ve welcomed a lot of customers, so our process works and there’s no implementation needed. Our platform is so easy to use, that users can log in and get value on day one.

It goes something like this...

Kick Off

Intro to your dedicated Customer Success Manager


Tailored user training


Tailored insights


Regular check-ins and reviews. Gather your feedback!


Ongoing support and partnership bliss

We were once in your shoes

There are former ad buyers, ad sellers, ad ops specialists, brand marketers, and agency account servicers among us….and it shows in how we’ve build product and serve customers.

We’ve been collecting feedback from some of the best brands in the world…


We our customers & they us back

Customers choose us because our data rocks. They stay with us because we rock. And sometimes they write us love letters.

“I've been quite vocal about the positive impact Pathmatics has made on our team, but I can't reiterate enough the importance of relationships like these and how they drive engagement for me in what I do. It's been an absolute pleasure working with each member of your team…I'm excited to see how this partnership continues to grow throughout the year.”

one of our beloved customers

We deliver insights across the most relevant digital ad channels

Check out the channels we cover:



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