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Innovation First

Competitive advertising tools that deliver

Pathmatics Explorer delivers the most complete and accurate picture of the digital advertising landscape by relying on two leading data sourcing technologies: crawler- and panel-based. The scale and scope of our data collection enable us to report broader digital channel coverage – including social, native, desktop display, mobile display, desktop video, and mobile video.

Our panel and state-of-the-art crawler technology has enabled us to process billions of ad occurrences.


“Our partnership with Pathmatics will provide the most complete and comprehensive view of digital advertising available anywhere”

– Manish Bhatia, CEO, North America, Kantar Media

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“Very helpful, accurate. Haven’t come across another tool as reliable”

– Planning Supervisor, Mindshare

Digital First

Since 2016, digital advertising spend in the United States has continuously exceeded traditional channels such as TV, print, and out-of-home. As consumers increasingly shift their focus toward computer and mobile screens, we provide the clarity you need to reach your target audience.

Our best-in-class competitive advertising technology captures and reports an array of ad formats and sizes – including all IAB standard display, Rising Star display units, pre-roll video, in-banner video, common native ad formats, and non-standard sized units. In addition, you’ll have access to ad spend, impressions, creatives, websites, publishers. Our proprietary PathSource technology also sheds a light on the path from publisher to user, so you can effectively analyze your competition and optimize your strategy.

Media Spend Shifts

• 74% expected growth in US desktop video ad spending between 2018 and 2022

• Social spend is projected to be 14% of total US ad spend by 2020

Media Usage Shifts

• 933% increase in adult mobile media usage since 2008 – with consistent double and triple digit increases annually

• 70% of people use social media daily in North America


Competitive advertising dashboard designed for you

Spend less time hunting for data. Our intuitive, interactive dashboard simply displays the data you need to quickly understand, analyze and take action on insights from the digital marketing landscape.


“Great tool, easy for entry level planners to use and be pros on quickly.”

– G2 Crowd Reviewer, Caroline G.

“Pleasing to the eye- Interface has a good use of white space, colors, very organized into categories.”

– G2 Crowd Reviewer

“Pathmatics is a VERY easy tool to navigate and within just a couple clicks I'm able to compare digital ad spend among several brands. LOVE how simple it is to do this and how it's an exportable function. Additionally, being able to manipulate the dashboard by device, as also been extremely helpful.”

– G2 Crowd Reviewer, Jacob C.

We were once in your shoes

We’re a data company founded by digital marketing experts. Because we’ve been in your shoes, our product is created with you in mind. And since we know your needs can change over time, we’re always listening, growing, and innovating to give you the best user experience possible.

“They are great at answering questions in a timely manner. ”

– G2 Crowd Reviewer

“Pathmatics has amazing customer support and always provides a solution.”

– Abrahim Farraj, Manager, Creative Content Protection, NBC Universal

“I really love the fact that they take so much personal care and took the time to show my colleague and I a demo and answer any questions that we had. I also like the amount of insight that the platform shows, it truly allows for a deeper view which I cannot get elsewhere.”

– G2 Crowd Reviewer

We’re here for you

Our relationship with our clients goes far beyond the sales process. Our client services team will work with you to ensure you always get the most out of our data, helping you maximize your insights and your investment.

Pathmatics recognized in Marketing Analytics based on user reviews

We move fast

We’re a digital solution born in the digital age, so we’re not tied down to clunky, legacy platforms. As market needs shift, we do too, giving you the most relevant insights when you need them most. For instance, we were the first to capture and report HTML5 creatives.

“The tool keeps getting better. Great that compare improved & spend for some global markets is now available.”

– Group Account Director, Global Communications Planning and Media Buying Network

“I am happy that Pathmatics recently added social data to their feed.”

– G2 Crowd Reviewer, Alessandra F.

We’re always looking for what’s next

Digital moves fast, so we’re constantly working to identify and eradicate digital visibility gaps. In fact, we were the first to capture and report Facebook ad data.

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Your feedback matters (Really)

As the digital marketing landscape evolves, your needs evolve too. Your feedback lets us know what tools you need and helps us go to market more quickly with new product updates.

“The UI is very easy to navigate and any feedback is addressed as soon as possible.”

– G2 Crowd Reviewer

“I also like that you all take and implement feedback. I like that you can see the actual creatives that ran and go to the site they ran on.”

– G2 Crowd Reviewer, Kerry M.

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